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Dandelions Castiel x Reader
“Unoriginal.” You sighed. “Unoriginal.” You had a writer’s block. You were in your room in the bunker, on the floor. The bed was too comfortable, it was making you want to lay down and not write. But you wanted to write. So. Bad.
You had a perfect book idea in your head, but you couldn’t get the plot right. Something about a depressed artist with no motivation.
“Like yourself?” Castiel, your angel friend, was suddenly beside you, looking down at your laptop.
“Oh my gosh Castiel.” You tried to brush off how frightened you were with a laugh.
“I didn’t mean to frighten you.” He offered a smile.
“You didn’t… Never mind. What are you talking about?” You were confused as to what he meant when he came in.
“You’re writing about a ‘depressed artist’.” He was bloody quoting you.
“Yeah… But I’m not depressed.” Lies. You knew you were, everyone
:icon777wolf:777wolf 4 3
Mature content
Don't go: Chapter 10 :icon777wolf:777wolf 7 12
Dean's Gone: Sam Winchester x Reader
“Bye!” You heard Sam say, and opened your eyes. You had just woken up, still on the motel couch. You had slept there since Sam was too big to share a bed with and sharing one with Dean wasn’t an option.
The door closed and you sat up, wiping the sleep out of your eyes.
“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Sam yawned and you saw he was still in his pajamas, which for him was a tee shirt and sweatpants.
“Good morning asshole.” You smirked, standing up to go to the bathroom.
“How did the couch feel?” He started changing.
“Fucking terrible. My back hurts like a bitch and I barely slept.” You complained.
“For god’s sake you sure do whine a lot.”
“For god’s sake you’re quick to point out flaws.” You retorted, brushing your teeth. “Goddamnit this motel is shit. Why wont you guys let me get you money? You could be sleeping in a five star hotel and you choose this shit-hole.” You w
:icon777wolf:777wolf 9 2
His soft spot: Lucifer x Reader
“It’ll only be for a bit Lue, I just need to get a dress or two.” You tried to comfort him as you dragged the man into the crowded mall, immediately getting hit with the smell of cheap perfume.
“Anything for you.” He forced a smile, not liking being around so many humans at once.
“I promise. Like I said before though, you could wait in the car.” You reminded him.
“I don’t even see why you would need a car.” He scoffed as you both entered the best dress store. “I could teleport us anywhere we wanted in a split second. Anywhere. But you choose to ride in that hunk of metal.”
“Don’t call my baby a hunk of metal.” You warned, glaring behind at him. “I love you to death, but insult her again and you’re dead.”
“You wouldn’t hurt me.” He smirked as you looked at the white dresses. You were both going to your friends wedding, Jessica. She was getting to someone named Sa
:icon777wolf:777wolf 21 3
Monster Necklace by 777wolf Monster Necklace :icon777wolf:777wolf 4 15
Dont go: Chapter 9
Contains language!
You woke up with a huge headache and a sore scalp. You were lying on some sort of bed, not something you’d like to sleep on.
You opened your eyes and saw a pale face looming over yours, making you gasp and sit up. You edged away from it, but then relaxed when you figured out it was Jeff.
“Calm down, you’re okay.” He growled. “Where in someone’s cabin, but don’t freak out. He’s dead. What the fuck where you thinking, talking to them? They’re dangerous!”
“I didn’t know what to do!” You spat, standing up.  “If I stayed in that bloody closet they would of found and shot me. I know how to take care of myself.”
That seemed to snap something in him, and he threw you against a wall. The impact sent sharp pains in your spine and you groaned, glaring at him and gritting your teeth.
“What do you think you’re doing?” You walked towards him, pissed off.
“You seem
:icon777wolf:777wolf 65 36
Dont go: Chapter 8
Oooh mysterious!" You grinned, amused at how serious they were.
"You mean..." Jeff"s playfulness was gone, and he swallowed.
"Yes." Slendermans smooth face made you curious, how could he talk? Were the vibrations coming from his mind? Was he telepathic?! :o
"This is my fault." Jeff breathed. "I shouldn't of brought her here. I'm so sorry."
"Hey, I don't fucking appreciate you talking about me like this, who are 'they'?" You spoke up.
"Two hunters. They hunt and kill us." BEN growled, obviously not liking the two.
"Are they human?" You asked, your head at an angle.
"There's no time for these questions, we need to leave." Slenderman asserted himself back in the conversation.
"Princess, I need you to stay here alright? Don't move a muscle." Jeff said as he opened a door you just now noticed was behind you. You turned to see nothing but an empty closet space, and you swallowed.
"Why can't I come with you?" You whined, pulling on his jacket. "Jeff-"
"We can teleport, but we can't take anyon
:icon777wolf:777wolf 72 67
Mature content
Hurt: Jahvie Fanfic :icon777wolf:777wolf 0 6
Dont go: Jeff the Killer x Reader Ch.7
You know the drill
 Jeff's P.O.V
Gosh women are so needy. I swear! I mean, especially her, her being spoiled by me and all.
"Do you have a kitchen?" She bit her soft lip, looking around the 'living room'.
"Yup." I slightly rocked back and forth, a smile on my already grinning face.
"Hot water? A fridge, shower, beds, heating?" she looked up at the grey ceiling.
"Yes! Anything else princess?" I sighed, running my hands through my silky black hair.
"What's the catch?" She raised a brow, and my heart sunk. I knew I would have to tell her.
"The catch is-" Before I could finish I felt someone come crashing down on me. We both fell to the ground, and instinctively I pulled out my knife, preparing to stab whoever it was.
I sighed in relief. It was only BEN.
"Damn you BEN!" I snarled, throwing him off me. I stood up to dust myself off, and he was at it again. He threw himself towards me, and I held my knife out in front of me. I heard the familiar crunch of my metal blade going through sk
:icon777wolf:777wolf 152 78
Dont go: Jeff the killer x reader Ch.6
Cursing and junk
Jeff's P.O.V
I gasped as I watched everything take place in front of me. Her mother was pointing a gun at her. Her own mother? Who could ever do such a thing?
As I heard the trigger click as it was ready to be pulled, I took action and drew my knife down her back, causing her to scream and fall. Blood instantly poured out of her mouth and pooled around her.
______ gasped in relief, getting up and standing beside me. "Lets go." I snarled, walking out of her house and towards what I call home.
Normal P.O.V
You tighten the strap of your book-bag as you weaved through trees and thorns, gasping as one snagged your arm.
"Are you okay baby?" Jeff turned to face you.
"B-baby?" You stutter, your cheeks on fire.
"Oh sorry.. uhm ____.." He looked down his pasty white face redder than the blood on his knife.
"No I like it when you call me baby." You blush even more,avoiding eye contact.
"Oh, okay.." He breathed in relief, turning to resume walking.
    After a few minute
:icon777wolf:777wolf 115 52
Dont go: Jeff the killer x reader ch. 5
Cussing. and stuff.
You watched with horror as the scene played out. Jeff had Jack pinned to the ground, and had a knife raised over his unprotected heart. You could feel the stillness of the room in your bones, and you wondered why the hell Jeff was hesitating.
"Do it!" Jack snarled from below him. "Come on, get it over with!!!"
Was he begging to be killed? Was your reaction that hurting for him?
Jeff's grip loosened, and he threw Jack down as he stood up. He turned to you, and you felt that feeling you got whenever he looked at you. That exiting, lust filled feeling.
"Come on." He hissed, grabbing your shaky arm and dragging you out of the room. "And stay the fuck away from MY girl, jack." He took one last look at the shameful Jack.
Jeff's P.O.V
I dragged her away from that beast, out of that building and into the safety of the woods.
"Jeff, stop!" She wailed, scratching at my arm.
"What!" I growled, turning to face her.
"I need to go home!"
"You cant." I tried to narrow my eyes, but
:icon777wolf:777wolf 131 56
Merry fucking Christmas in June. by 777wolf Merry fucking Christmas in June. :icon777wolf:777wolf 10 29
Dont go :Jeff the killer x reader ch. 4
WARNING: Contains cursing. There. You'v been warned.
Jeff'z P.O.V
I jumped out of the way of a car that almost hit me as I made my way to (Y/N)'s house. Its horn honked wildly as it darted past me, and I stumbled onto the grass of a yard. I snarled, standing up. "Damnet." I cursed as I felt blood run out of my nose. I had hit my head against a rock. I wiped it away, and found myself at her broken door. I decided going into her window was so obvious, so  I pushed the door open and made my way inside. It was extremely dark, and I groaned as I bumped into the wall. I heard talking upstairs, probably her parents. As quietly as I could I jogged up the stairs, and opened her door. I peeked inside to find her bed empty. I gasped. It was 11:00 at night, and he parents were home. Where the hell..
A blunt object hit my head and I turned around, barring my teeth. It was a big,burly man. Her dad. I didn't want to kill him, I mean it was her dad. I darted past him, running downstairs.
He roared and
:icon777wolf:777wolf 137 157
Mature content
Dont go :Jeff the killer x reader ch.3 :icon777wolf:777wolf 209 88
Dont go :Jeff the killer x reader ch.2
WARNING! Contains some language. There, I warned you.
Finally you arrive at the familiar house, to find it not so familiar. The once clean and well- kept yard was littered with debris and fallen trees. His house was burnt down, and only half of it hadn't crumbled away.
Your hands flew up to your mouth to stifle a scream. You got out of your car, running to the ruins.
His front door was still there, and so was the first room in the house, which held the kitchen. You burst in, shivering at the sight. All of his furniture was burnt, and his couch was flipped over. You look over to the window where you were leaning in and he was leaning out of it for your first kiss. It was gone. Instead there was a huge gaping hole in the wall.  Grief and pain flooded over you, and you fell to your knees to cry.
As the ash filled your lungs you gasped and choked, and started to cough uncontrollably. You stood up and ran out of the old house, not looking back.
When you had reached your car you ignored the
:icon777wolf:777wolf 180 69
Dont go :Jeff the killer x reader
He loved you, you loved him. You were perfect together. He loved the woods, you loved the woods. You loved wine, he did too.
You had known each other since kindergarten, and since then he was bullied. You on the other hand were that one girl that every class has that everyone likes. You were rarely mentioned, but if you were it was over how funny or sweet you were.
Back to him.
He had dark brown hair, and a loving smile that only shown when he was around you. You were his promise land. The reason he was bullied was because of his looks. He was gorgeous, and girls were all over him. Before you were together,they were constantly asking him out.He always said no, and soon they stopped. Soon rumors spread he was gay, and then he was made fun of. He didn't care, as long as he had you.
But when you left, he lost it.
You look out your car window, seeing the familiar roads of your home town.
You had left your home to go to high-school in Colorado, and came back once you had completed it you ca
:icon777wolf:777wolf 243 54


Taurus by IrenHorrors Taurus :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,512 31 Gemini by IrenHorrors Gemini :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,787 38 Leo by IrenHorrors Leo :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,906 40 Wazzup? by ZoranPhoto Wazzup? :iconzoranphoto:ZoranPhoto 615 27 Fremont street car show by atomicrick Fremont street car show :iconatomicrick:atomicrick 38 5 D892 by miobi D892 :iconmiobi:miobi 233 3
Drocell Keinz x Reader A Porcelain Flower: Part 2
You pulled away, slightly discomforted by his actions, "I..I don't have enough money to pay for it though...."
He stood up before turning back to his chair, "I will give it to you, as a gift, you see?"
"Wow.." You murmur, "that's really nice but--"
"You do not like dolls?"
You shake your head guiltily, "I'm more of a tomboy..sorry..dolls aren't really my thing."
He stared at you intently, "I understand. However, you still need shelter from this storm. You can stay here, I'm sure that my master would not mind. I shall go alert him now."
before you could object, he had walked off, leaving you alone in the store. Your first thought: money. You have to get money to by food. And with that, you began to search the place quickly but thoroughly. "If I'm quick enough..then I can get out of here quickly too..." After searching for a while, you stumbled across the cash-register, hastily opening it. There wasn't much, but it was enough. As soon as you turned to leave, you bumped into something har
:iconmetaimutt:metaimutt 20 6
Drocell Keinz x Reader
You swung your legs back and forth rather childishly as you sat atop the counter, looking around the doll shop with a bright smile gracing your features. Your shiny (e/c) eyes met purple ones. Such beautiful eyes the man had. Pink outlined the top of his eyes while a really dark purple, nearly grey outlined the bottom. A dark blue marking was placed under his right eye.
You offered him a large closed eyed smile and a small giggle. To think this man had made you think he was really going to turn you into a doll. It was quite funny now that you had looked back at it. You were so oblivious that you hadn't realized he'd been serious, even though he didn't turn you into a doll.
It boggled his mind. He had no problems what so ever turning all the other beautiful women into one, so what was holding him back with this one? This had marked the third time you'd visited him this week and he was starting to suspect and make up many theories as to why you liked coming here so often and why. But the
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 34 15
Teeth - Sam-x-Female!reader.
Sam had always been the one for flirty jokes whilst Dean wasn't looking. But what you didn't know, was how he was when it came to the bedroom. He had spoken about his past relationships like they were a sin, like he wanted to move on as quickly as possible. Yet despite his avoidance of committed relationships, he had seemed to become more comfortable with trying to
:iconlaurenthebumblebee:Laurenthebumblebee 51 20
Sleeping beauty - Sam-x-female!reader.
You had planned to have gone out with Sam, Dean and Cas to some hunt which they were quite excited about. Well... when you say 'excited', Dean had been the only one who you remember being all jumpy and happy about it.  You think it was about werewolves or something like that. Sam hadn't been too keen and told you it was nothing.
 You could tell there had been something up with him though. Sam had been a little quiet with you recently. You just didn't have the heart to say what you thought of him,  to make him feel better of course but you still didn't have the guts. Although Cas
:iconlaurenthebumblebee:Laurenthebumblebee 98 28
Why won't you talk? - Sam-x-Reader.
You and Sam had been having this 'relationship' for a few weeks now, you knew just before you had met him that he had just come off shaky ground, whatever that was you knew it couldn't be anything too simple with how you knew Sam Winchester. You knew he had a brother and that he never liked to mention any one else from his family. You weren't even sure he had much more family than his brother, Dean, who you hadn't seen properly before.
Sam would always call you when no one else was around, you had met up for a quick drink or two at some quiet bars around the area he was in at the time, he once took you for dinner when you first met him but most of the time he would ask you to meet at the bunker since it was really the only place he was comfortable in connecting with you. The only way you k
:iconlaurenthebumblebee:Laurenthebumblebee 66 12
Body Swap - Dean-x-female!Reader.
**Deans POV***
Dean had never been the one to sleep much. When he did he was usually flat out for only a couple of hours per week. He had no idea what he had gotten himself into after having you stay with him and his brother. But anyway, Dean had gone out from what you recall as he had left you in bed.
He had gone out early with his brother. It was a one off since Dean couldn't sleep and Sam had been up all night researching after a hunt that didn't go to plan, it was bugging him. So they both went out, that was, until Dean had gotten into the Impala driver seat first, planning on waiting for Sam as he was doing something in the bunker quickly.
Dean adjusted the mirror in front of him as he waited. Dean was suddenly stunned to see himself, his posture straightened. How could he not have
:iconlaurenthebumblebee:Laurenthebumblebee 95 8
Body Swap - Dean-x-Reader.
You find yourself restless in bed rather early in the morning, the curtains across the room from you were blocking out the orange sunlight just about glazing through onto the walls above your bed board. You toss the covers of your bed out of the way as you take a glance over to the digital clock which stood blinking at you on the bed side table. '5:46'.
You groan in annoyance and flop down on your pillow facing the ceiling. You frown and pause, feeling the muscles in your face tighten, your face felt strained as though it were tense. Your groan was a lot deeper than you remembered and your frame felt heavier as the mattress sank when you lay down properly feeling half asleep still, you blinked rapidly to get rid of this horrible feeling you
:iconlaurenthebumblebee:Laurenthebumblebee 109 35
Sweet Dreams Sammy - Sam-x-female!reader.
You came back late from a hunt with Dean. You were hunting vampires and it was a tough mission. You had to get to their nest and deal with them. Mostly yourself as Dean was distracting them. Sam was supposed to be with you. You missed him while he wasn't around. Dean and Sam were like the brothers you never had... well Dean was. Sam was more than that. It was almost impossible for you and Sam to have some time to yourself as there was always something you had to do.
You weren't a professional hunter like Sam and Dean. You were more amateur. That's what you thought anyway. Sam always said you were great which made you feel better in yourself. Sam was supposed to be doing some research on another case they were working on. The
:iconlaurenthebumblebee:Laurenthebumblebee 136 44
On A Bender - Drunk!Sam x Reader
"Deeean why can't you take him with you? This was supposed to be 'me time'." You groaned as you watched Dean guide his younger brother into your home.
You could smell the alcohol off of the pair of them, and you knew Dean wasn't going to take no for an answer.
"Because I have a chick is sitting in my car and I'm going back to her place." Dean explained as he lay his intoxicated brother onto your couch. He patted Sam's cheek as mumbled drunken profanities under his breath.
"And anyway," He fixed his hair in the near by mirror. "You two get on don't you? And I wasn't going to leave him in the hands of a complete strange now was I?"
You shrug. "I suppose not," You fold your arms across your chest. "But you better come and pick him up tomorrow or I swear to God-"
"I will, I will!" He draws an x on his chest where his heart is set. "Cross my heart."
You couldn't help but smile. You shoved him out of your house. "Now go, that girl's probably ruined your car or done a runner!"
His face droppe
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 244 51
Blame It On The Alcohol - Drunk!Dean x Reader
Home alone on a Saturday night. No monsters, no hunting, no long walks into the wilderness. Just yourself and some badly made movies that you rented from the near by store, along with some cheap ice cream and other forms of junk food you rarely had the luxury of having.
Also, there was no need for you to listen to the odd arguments between the Winchester brothers. And oddly at Castiel at some points.
Now the place was silent, the only sound in your apartment was the words drifting from the mouths of the actors on your TV screen and your hands occasionally scrunching through a packet of chips. Snow was drifting outside, alerting everyone that Christmas was near by.
You pulled your blanket closer to your body at the thought of being outside in the cold.
The peaceful atmosphere didn't last long as there was several thuds on your door. You turned the volume down and pushed your blanket off of you.
Who could possibly be here at this time of night? If anyone needed you they would call you.
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 354 46



Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you would write a fan fiction for me? There aren't enough Frodo x Readers and Bilbo x readers. Please message me if you want to know more :3



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